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July 01 2018

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June 30 2018

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Sometimes we also adjust their brains so they think they no longer enjoy their life's work. You should see all the crazy stuff they start doing!
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June 29 2018

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June 28 2018

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June 27 2018

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I have no facts to back up my arguments, so you are a jew. 10/10

June 26 2018

Crosing the country illegally is only a misdemeanor (like speedig), there is no law that specifies you have to detain someone for it. Thats why seperating kids from their parents wasn't happening for the last 22 years...
People don't blame him for the law, they blame him for his new policy.

June 25 2018

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June 24 2018

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Sorry, it was not directed at you, it was a response to Zelbekon and his "being an LGBT supporter is being an emo kid of 10's."
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