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June 24 2018

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June 23 2018

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June 22 2018

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Yeah, just a bunch of emos. What even is their problem, everything is fine and there is no need to fight for the betterment of their lives...

How can you be so uninformed and still think you know what is going on?  

"Researchers have found that attempted suicide rates and suicidal ideation among lesbiangaybisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth is comparatively higher than among the general population. LGBT teens and young adults have one of the highest rates of suicide attempts. According to some groups, this is linked to heterocentric cultures and institutionalised homophobia in some cases, including the use of rights and protections for LGBT people as a political wedge issue like in the contemporary efforts to halt legalising same-sex marriagesDepression and drug use among LGBT people have both been shown to increase significantly after new laws that discriminate against gay people are passed."

June 21 2018

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June 20 2018

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elon musk: "we employ people based on their merits, not their gener and/or ethnicity. there is a reason NASA is failing"
can't find original tweet and is very probably fake, with 4chan as origin.
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June 19 2018

We Change At Night
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