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>If you really want to get anywhere, don't call out "systematic sexism" and "right-wing memelords" wherever it satisfies your need to stand for something, or you will watch the "right-wing memelords" become even "rightier" and "memier" and no one will benefit from that.

That's literally a dril Tweet. So for you "right-wing memelords" are a bunch of emotional, easily triggerd idiots. So much for the "logic and reason" right.

>But then again, the "right-wing memelords" could be right all along as well. The measure of success in the data could be virtually unbiased (idk, % of commits to repo that broke the build, code coverage %, whatever) and women simply were objectively worse at that.

If, for example, 10% of your data contains the word female and 90% male, it's not hard to see why an algorithm would favor one side. The stoped using it a while ago becaus it wasn't working, not becous it got public.

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